Social Involvement

May 30, 2022 06:49

"Giving Back To Where We Belong"

We are  directly helping to rebuild a primary school in Sindhupalchowk District.  The Dhotar Primary School was the only school  in the  "Majhi Gaun" means Fisherman Village, aprrox 200 miles from Kathmandu. It was completely destroyed by the earth quake. When we first visited the school, those around 52 kids were studying in a building with no walls only a rooftop. We also found almost all the people in village are uneducated and  living in extreme poverty with a deep problems of alcoholism. Actually We feel honored and are proud to help the school and to provide some hope for that community.

We are in collaboration with Old South Church Copley Square Boston to sell our products on their premises to raise some fund. These kind heart-ed  people provide space to put our table out and that's how it all started to give back to the society. Bostonian's and the tourist's all over the world showed keen interest in the products especially when we told them that these things are from the land of Himalayas and where Buddha was born.

We are also involved with the women group and called themselves "JAGA JYOTI AMA SAMUHA" the mother's group to train them and to market and sell their handmade products. They belong to lower income family, single mom, or are abused by alcoholic husband.  Raj's mother herself lead the group and when we started selling their  item, we provided   a continuous sustainable income for them. This gives us an encouragement and hope. It feels like after living several years in the land of free and equality, back home, we were putting some efforts to break the taboo of women working as bread and butter earner  of a house.

We have our plan to get involved in more areas in Nepal to help, educate and provide some support to other ignored community.