Budhha Meditation Bowl

Budhha Meditation Bowl

Material : Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron and Nickel
Measurement : 16 x 4 x 21
Weight : 3 lbs 0 oz
Brand : Everest Wings
Code : P-0109

Hand made singing Bowl in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Product Care
Handle with care.

Soft cloth clean. Metal cleaner spray.

Product Story
Singing Bowls or Tibetian singing bowls are originated in Nepal and Tibet. These are used for various purpose including sound healing therapy and Vibrational healing therapy.

Kami are the ethic group of people in Nepal who works with Metals. They are still seen as untochable caste in some areas in Nepal. They are continuing their traditional carftmanship for centuries fulfilling the needs of metal works for Nepalese society.

This product is sourced directly from the makers. Purchasing this product helps them to earn some bread for their family.

Fair trade commited.