Full Moon Meditation Healing Bowl

Full Moon Meditation Healing Bowl

Measurement : 8 X 4
Weight : 2.4 oz
Brand : Everest Wings
Code : P-0107

Full moon bowl is as named only forged in Full moon night, outside, under the open sky. It is believed that it helps the bowl to absorb the energy from the full moon when moon is at its peak power. Some Rituals needs to perform before forging this bowl.The energy captured from the moon believed to be beneficial for various human problems, including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stomach ache, back pain, joint pain, arthritis and more.

This bowl is hand made from the scratch. It is forged with very ancient method of bowl making which can still be found in few places in Nepal. To forge a nice Full moon Bowl, it takes at least 3 people to work several hours.

There has been reported cases of fake full moon bowls in the market because it holds higher value than the regular singing bowls.

Very simple way to check for the original moon bowls is the resonance of the bowl which lasts more than a minute and Moon Bowl marking (although some fake bowls have been reported to be fake mark).

It has Seven metals copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver, gold and nickel.

Cushion and Mallet Included.

Surprise appreciation gift included.

Enjoy this Beautiful antique art Work. Since this is becoming rare to find because of lack of manpower to work in this specific area.