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  • Eternal Knot Singing Bowl Blue

    Eternal knot represents the interweaving path of the spirit, time and movement which is eternal. Blue color mainly focuses on Fifth Chakra or Throat Chakra which symbolize the expression and communication to the world.

    • Handmade in Nepal
    • This singing bowl includes Ring Cushion and Wooden Mallet.

    Diameter 3.5 inches

    Weight 370 grams Approx

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  • Kubera Statue

    Kubera, is the Lord of Wealth who is often depicted as a dwarf, with complexion of lotus leaves and a big belly. Kubera holds a mace, a pomegranate or a money bag in his hand. He may also carry a sheaf of jewels or a mongoose with him. He is worshiped for gaining wealth as he is considered as the lord of wealth.

    Height 7.5 inch

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  • Buddha Bowl 3 inch

    This kind of Singing Bowl is known as Buddha Bowl because it is usually seen on the palm of Meditating Buddha. This singing bowl has more depth and closed mouth on top than other regular singing bowls. It is definitely one of the most have singing bowlbecause of it's sound and look. Recommend for yoga people.

    Handmade in Nepal.

    This singing bowl includes wooden mallet and cushion.

    Has distinct bright tone.

    Diameter. 3 inch

    Depth :3 inch

    Weight : 400 grams

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  • Lotus Singing bowl blue

    This singing bowl has lotus incised at the base. Lotus is one of the auspicious symbol in Buddhism among eight auspicious symbols known as Astamangala. It symbolizes the purity of speech, body and mind floating above the muddy water of attachment and desire in the world. It is also a symbol for renunciation.

    *Handmade in Nepal

    *Includes Ring cushion and Wooden Mallet

    Diameter 4.5 inches

    Weight 500 grams approx

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  • Tara Statue Decor

    Green Tara which is known as motherly energy in Buddhism and female Buddha. Green Tara embodies the healing nature, regeneration and growth. It is believed that she brings awareness to the negative energies and guides one to salvation.

    This colored statue is made from Resin.

    Height 6.5 inch

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  • Ganesha statue

    Ganesha is worshiped as an obstacle remover. HE is one of the most distinctive deity in Hinduism who has elephant head and pot bellied human body. He is one of the most loved god by ladies.

    Made from Resin.

    Height 6.3

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  • Tiny White Ganesha Statue

    They say "If you want to bring more wealth, happiness and prosperity in your home, just bring Ganesha statue." Ganesha is one of the most loved and worshiped god figure in Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Made from Resin.

    Color - White

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  • Buddha Singing Bowl (Blue)

    Buddha is the one who is enlightened. This singing bowl is perfect to get into meditation and yoga. Blue color mainly focuses on Fifth Chakra or Throat Chakra which symbolize the expression and communication to the world.

    • Handmade in Nepal
    • This bowl includes Ring Cushion and Wooden Mallet.

    Weight : 500 grams (approx)

    Diameter : 4.5 inch

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  • Kali Statue

    Kali is known as the mother of time, power, creation and destruction.Kali is most often characterized as black or blue, partially or completely naked, with a long lolling tongue, multiple arms, a skirt or girdle of human arms, a necklace of decapitated heads, and a decapitated head in one of her hands. She is often portrayed standing or dancing on her husband, the god Shiva, who lies prostrate beneath her.

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