Everest Wings Information

Where are your products made?

All of our products are hand made in Nepal.

Who makes the product?

Hemp Products are made by women group called Jaga Jyoti Samuha in Kathmandu.

Singing bowls are made by Local artisan of Kathmandu valley.

Are Artisans paid well?

Everest Wings just act as a seller for the products made by the Local artisans and they are the beneficiary of the each individual sales.

Where is the hemp grown that is used on a product?

These are wildly grown hemp in remote areas of Nepal called Bajhang and Bajura since it is illegal to cultivate the plant in Nepal.

How is the hemp extracted?

Hemp is hand extracted which is very much traditionally done from centuries. Plants are harvested and left out to dry. Fibers are left after several days of soaking in the water which then sun dried, beaten (to soften it), and spun.

What are the metals used in singing bowls?

Most hand bitten bowls are made using seven metals: copper, tin, zinc, lead, iron, silver and gold. Some smaller meditation bowls lack gold and silver in it.

How can i take care of the products?

Hemp products are recommended to hand wash and hang out to dry.

Singing bowls can be cleaned by leaving it overnight inside hot water and soap mix. Wipe it with soft cloth and leave it to dry for few hours and then essential oils can be used to polish and shine.

For more information please refer to Product care page

Do you offer Wholesale?

Yes. Please refer to Wholesale page.

Is there any warranty on your products?

Yes we do offer 30 days warranty which covers significant damage to the product. Warranty doesn't cover careless damage or loss/stolen items.

Do you provide tracking for the order?

Yes. Tracking is provided automatically once the product is shipped.

How do I return the product?

if you want to return the product back to us, please refer Return Policy page.

I have not received my order.

please contact us.

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